Research and application of electrostatic powder coating for electromagnetic wire.

2017-08-18 15:36

The quickening pace of our modern industrial construction and the rapid growth of the export products, mechanical and electrical, electronics, communications, automatic control and other industries increased the amount of electromagnetic wire, the requirement for the quality of products is also increasing, as well as the environmental protection in the production of products and improve production efficiency, etc are also put forward the more strict requirements. However, in the process of the production process of the aluminum oxide insulated aluminum wire used in the electromechanical industry, the production process of the oxide film insulation layer is still widely used in the treatment of the aluminum wire with concentrated sulfuric acid. Because this production process USES concentrated sulfuric acid in the production, in the open process of the production process a large amount of volatile gas. This irritating gas not only causes certain damage to the nose, respiratory tract and skin of the operator; It also brings serious pollution to the production workshop and the surrounding environment. The waste water produced in the production also needs to be treated strictly, otherwise it will cause serious pollution to the underground water quality. In terms of productivity, only 10 aluminum wires can be processed at a time, and the processing speed is slow. With this kind of processing method to produce the products one of the biggest drawback is less flexible film, in the production of mechanical and electrical products to bend or it is easy to damage during winding insulation coating, which affects the mechanical and electrical products electrical insulation and product quality. Of course, this product also has its advantages, the biggest advantage is that the treatment of the film is very high temperature resistance.

Processing get oxide film of sulfuric acid in order to overcome the aluminium wire insulation layer production process shortcomings, in recent years, some domestic units engaged in the applied to electromagnetic wire with the research and production of powder coatings, such as jiangsu lanling chemical group co., LTD., yangzhou sanchuan industrial co., LTD., henan Xu Changhua yuan line of alumina plant, henan Xu Changhua and science and technology industrial co., LTD and other units to develop the electromagnetic wire with electrostatic powder coating and coating process, the existing "electromagnetic wire with insulation powder coating" (patent number CN1563216A publicly, patent certificate no. 279269), "electromagnetic wire and enameled wire by electrostatic spraying of powder coatings and their preparation process" (patent number CN1908096A) publicly, "electromagnetic wire production method" (patent number publicly CN1542870A) such as patent and patent publicly published one after another; Also applied to the electromagnetic wire and enameled wire with friction electrostatic spraying infrared curing powder coatings and their preparation methods and application "(patent no. 200810196202, 2) and" electromagnetic wire and enameled wire friction gun electrostatic powder coating method "patent (patent no. 200810049916, 0), etc. The insulation type electrostatic spraying electromagnetic wire with insulation polyester epoxy powder coating has won the award for the jiangsu province high and new technology and new products, also passed the changzhou science and technology commission and the ministry of scientific research and the identification of new products, and is widely used in industrial production. In addition, electromagnetic wires and enameled wire with electrostatic spraying polyester heat insulation powder coating is successfully applied to the electromagnetic online, instead of a part of the aluminum electromagnetic wire, more satisfactorily applied to the welding machine, dry type transformer, electromagnet and other electrical products. In addition, friction electrostatic powder coating and friction electrostatic spraying process are also applied to the electromagnetic line powder coating line of xuchang huacheng technology industry co., LTD in henan province.

This article mainly introduces the development, manufacturing process, coating performance, coating process and application of the electrostatic spraying insulating polyester epoxy powder coatings.

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