"Go hand in hand, and continue to prosper" - wuxi xizhou 2017 year-end commendation conference and 2

2018-02-22 15:40

 On February 11, 2018, Wuxi xizhou macnet wiresco., LTD. 2017 annual summary commendation and orientation meeting in 2018 inwuxi new district lake view hotel held ceremoniously, company executives andstaff of more than 350 people attended the annual meeting. The theme of thisyear's annual conference is "hand in hand, and continue to bebrilliant". On this day, we look back at the days and nights we passed in2017, and play the prelude to the work of 2018.

The meeting atmosphere is enthusiastic, the

lottery box predecessor lively and extraordinary, the glorious red flower is conspicuous.

Recognition of the advanced

In the cheerful music, in the sincerity of the, the loud cheers, Wang Ganhua hosting company vice President, expressed gratitude to the guests and staff, and announced that convention officially kicked off. Yu weimin, the general manager of the company, made the annual work report for 2017 and summarized the operating conditions of 2017, and deployed the work in 2018.

In the annual recognition, is determined by Cao Yongyi general announced that the company recognition, company leaders successively came to power, for the 2017 excellent employees, quality pacesetter, outstanding team award honorary certificate, for their efforts to a year of hard and, also thank them for their contribution to the company and pay. In particular, the old employees who have been working for more than 10 years have been awarded the "ten year award" and "loyal employee award" respectively to the roller washing machine and the LCD TV set respectively.

Orientation meeting

After the commendation, a new annual meeting will be held in 2018. In the event of the host to meet the god of wealth, the leader of the company will join us in singing the wine and blessing each other... The employees showed their versatility. The lucky draw will culminate in the annual meeting of the company, which led to a cash red envelope award at the annual conference.

▲Employee performance

▲Live lucky draw

▲Grand prize winner

Hand in hand and prosper again


Carefully planned and fully invested, let our company 2018 welcome the new annual meeting to come to a successful conclusion. We believe that the end of the annual meeting is a start, we will seize new opportunities, vigorously develops the market, strengthen the innovation drive, deepen the reform, speed up the formation system perfect, full of innovation development new pattern.

Looking forward to 2018, we believe that the company will have a bigger development prospect and all our employees are ready for the next new journey! With sweat to make a strong and strong, with youth weaving dreams, hard work will eventually pay a rich harvest!

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